College and Corporate Magician, Boston MA



  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Donna L. Tomlinson, Sr. Executive Assistant, Sales
    "David was incredible. . . his show was outstanding!"
  • GE Aviation - Patricia Cornell, Manager
  • Intel - Patti Cellupica, Manager
    "Dave wowed us with his magic and comedy"
  • Mack - Larry Walck, Director of Business Development
    "I give David the highest recommendation that can possibly be given to him."
  • International Aero Engines - Sirrah Laughery, Assistant Event Coordinator
    "David was an incredible element to our evening"
  • The Best of Boston LTD - Carolyn Smith, Director of Operations
    "David helped us sell how we are bring our vision to life with his magic."
  • Ned Biddle - Connecticut Lottery Commercial
    "David did great—he was very easy to work with. . . we recommend him highly, especially for his camera work."
  • Rogers Corporation - Trade Show - Alma Jo Hulse, Communications Manager
    "We got 178 new leads. We were very impressed with David's performance"

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  • Fairfield University - Orientation Show for 900 freshmen
    ". . . performed for 900 Freshmen and everyone loved the show—he was a riot."
  • Montana State College - Mike Lyons, Director Comedy Spotlight
    "The students are still talking about the show. . . we are psyched to have you come back!"
  • Dean College - Jennifer Bothwell, Director of Student Activities
    "David's performance was phenomenal!"
  • Champlain College - Emily Ginter, Director of Student Activities
    "The students had a wonderful time. . . best magician show we have ever seen."
  • University of Richmond - Caitlin Salinger, Campus Activities Board
    "He made everyone laugh and his magic tricks blew us away."
  • Providence College - Allie Cabibbo, Programming Board
    "The crowd loved it. . . David was a hit!"
  • St. Joseph College
    ". . . the students loved the show. . . it was a great experience."


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